3 Tips for Effective Email Marketing for CBD Businesses

As the CBD industry continues to grow and evolve, you need a dynamic email marketing strategy to better promote your hemp-derived CBD products. A consistent email marketing strategy can help keep your company top of mind with customers and prospects. With so many exciting updates in this fast paced cannabis world that we live in today, it’s important for local companies like yours to be sending regular updates that provide your audience with information about your brand, new industry research breakthroughs within CBD, as well as opportunities where your products can be purchased, and general information that will help your brand become more desired. 

So, what are the three tips that CBD business owners can use to help market themselves through a consistent email marketing strategy?

1. Customize Your Email Messages and Focus on the Customer

With an e-mail marketing strategy, you have a unique opportunity to reach a customer base that has already purchased CBD and other hemp-derived products from your company. Because they are connected to you, it’s important that the content you provide them is loaded with information that is relevant to their past experience with their brand. Unfortunately, often times companies will fall into the trap of blasting out generic emails, which have a low open rate because these types of messages don’t feel personalized and end up not being relevant to the audience’s current needs. Take the time to talk directly to each recipient about their individual needs. Use personalized subject lines, headlines, and product recommendations based on their past order history. To help you learn more about your customers, we recommend setting up surveys so that you can more easily group your customers into different types of segments.

What works?

It can be difficult to get started, and we’re here to help. The first step is to get started with a simple thank you. Customize your message to the audience and thank them for their purchase. As you build your customer base, you will begin to see segmentation within the different products that you sell. By collecting this information, you are setting yourself up to succeed in the future. Provide your newsletter email list subscribers with useful information based on their historical purchases and demographic data . If someone purchased CBD capsules in the past but then bought a CBD edibles product, follow up by sending them a discount code on CBD oil cartridges.

You may even begin to see that multivariable testing is better for you since it permits you to test and think about various renditions of a similar email to see which one worked better. By understanding who your typical customer is and how that changes based upon the products that you sell, you will be able to develop a more tight niche and differentiate your brand!

2. Segment Your Audience Based on Buying Habits

Segmenting your audience based on their buying habits will allow you to develop more personalized marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer. This is a must for brands that offer a variety of CBD and other hemp-derived products. No matter the frequency that you are sending out email updates, customizing each message based on the individuals’ past purchase behavior is a win-win strategy for you and your customer. When a new customer buys a specific, high-strength, tincture from your company, there is an opportunity to recommend them a complimenting product for when the next time they are in the market for more hemp wellness products. By educating your customer base on the advantages to other products within your brand, you can build an added level of trust with your biggest fans. This connection knows no bounds as plant-based wellness products will continue to be desired as your customer grows, ages, and their needs evolve.

Hemp derived products are quickly becoming the next big thing in natural health and wellness. More people are becoming aware of the benefits that come with using cannabidiol (CBD) products, such as relief from chronic pain conditions without having psychoactive effects – their popularity has skyrocketed over recent years which is why there should be no question that developing an effective email campaign is a useful way to reach your audience. You need an email marketing strategy that can help your business stay ahead of this trend. A strong e-mail marketing strategy is crucial for any company looking to reach new customers and gain loyalty from existing consumers. 

3. Collect Your Own Information

There is an overwhelming amount of data online on how you ought to do email marketing, to what extent your headline ought to be, the point at which you ought to send your messages, etc. While a portion of these tips may be valid, it’s significant that you find what is best for your business. Nobody can know your business and what it needs more than you do. Besides, others’ answers may have been concocted from an outsider’s point of view. You are the one who knows your CBD and hemp-based product business the best, and you need to utilize that data to get the best outcomes. Providing your audience with what they want based on their past purchases and who they are as individuals is critical to communicating with them online.

Initially, it can be difficult to track and develop your audience segments. But start with what you can find through transactions on your website. From there, begin to utilize surveys that incentivize your audience to fill out so that you can learn more about where they live, what they do, and how much money they make. This information is essential to building an e-mail marketing strategy for your CBD and hemp-derived product business. Once you have the data, you’ll be able to create email marketing strategies that will stand out from the rest of the CBD brands in your market.

After you establish these core questions, you’ll be able to ask more creative questions about their background. As you get more comfortable, you’ll want to collect detailed information on what your customer base likes, dislikes, and wants from their hemp-derived products. Some CBD brands are in the dark regarding how specific data could be used to customize and personalize their messaging around CBD and other hemp-derived products. The truth is CBD businesses should have access to customized data for every customer in their database.

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool to use for your CBD product business. But, like any other marketing technique, it takes time to get the hang of e-mailing strategically. We can help you develop an effective email strategy that will grow your customer base with our team of experts who have mastered inbound digital marketing strategies. What questions do you have? Let us know!

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